Why we use cookies

Why we use cookies.

We use cookies in order to remind you of your options, to offer you a better user experience through the continued improvement of our websites and to be able to provide content that’s better tailored to your needs.

This means that we use cookies so that we can remember:

Your browser settings, such as the type of browser that you use, and installed plug-ins. 

This allows us to not bother you every time that you access our site by assuring you that you meet the equipment requirements to play a game or download information from our websites. Also, we are able to know how many people use certain software types, so that we may properly adapt our site to offer the best possible user experience for each visitor.

Your language and region choice. 

This means that, if you’ve already once chosen English as your preferred language, it becomes the preset language that will be used the next time you visit us.

The connection status of your Babylon Consult ID. 

This helps us track your behaviour on our sites, inet.babylonconsult.ro and babylonconsult.ro for the purpose of marketing (it is possible that we share this data to carefully selected third parties).

Your shopping cart and options.

The products that you’ve checked and purchased from babylonconsult.ro, so that we may offer you more suggestions.

The products and services that you evaluated and the rating that you’ve given them.

The last time that we asked you to participate in a survey, and whether you answered, so that we may not solicit your participation too often.

Your movement on our sites and usage of them. We do not collect personal data as part of this. We only collect statistic data so that we may optimize our website.

Recently used data – in order to improve performance. In case we store personal data inside of a cookie, the information will be securely encrypted.

Some cookies have a lifespan of only until you close your browser, while others are stored for longer. In our case, we store cookies for a maximum of 800 days – so that we can assure you that you’ll be able to find your data, should you visit us as little as approximately once a year.

We respect your confidentiality. You can read our entire Privacy Policy here.