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Our translators are selected depending on their experience in using the desired foreign language, their familiarity with the field of the translation (legal, medical, technical, economic, etc.) and the accuracy of their previous translations.

Do you need documents translated? Our team of expert translators perform complex translations, delivered on time, without rush fees! Additionally, we offer interpretation and document certification services. Send a question to our team of linguistic experts.

Quality translations

Translating texts from one foreign language into another requires more than university studies. Our translators are assigned to each project according to several criteria such as:

  • experience in using that language;
  • familiarity with the translated field;
  • accuracy of previous translations.


At Babylon Consult we use only experienced translators, that have been checked and recommended by other translators to provide the best quality in translation, respecting the deadline that was negotiated and agreed by our clients.

Languages used for text translations:

The fields in which we offer document translation services:

All translations can be certified, notarized, and can bear an Apostille, depending on the specifics of each document.


Languages of wide international circulation: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian; Other languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Hebrew, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Macedonian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian; Vietnamese; Classical languages: Latin and Old Greek.

For a firm offer please send us the scanned document to the email address

For a deadline please send us the document to the email address Our team of coordinators will analyze the document and give you a firm answer. Call now 0722 223010, we will take it from there.

We can send the translated documents by e-mail.

In the field of translations, a translated page is considered the equivalent of 1800 characters, including spaces. The counting is done automatically through the MS Word functions. There are several ways to count a page. The European standard states that a text page has 1800 characters with spaces, which can equate to 1500 characters without spaces. The word price system is also used, thus reducing the ambiguities of counting and interpreting a page. We do not count the number of physical pages of a document. A 2 physical pages document can have 10 words on one page and 300 words on the second page, so it cannot be an exact counting method.

Babylon Consult translators are specialized according to the requirements of each project:
– technical translations (aerospace, electronics and home appliances, industrial machinery and equipment, automobile);
– medical translations (diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, prostheses, orthoses, medical devices and equipment);
– legal translations (statements of defence, decisions, normative acts, legislation, court rulings, prosecutor’s office documents);
– economic translations (marketing studies, finance-banks, contracts, advertising);
– humanist (sociology, psychology, human resources, training, communication and public relations);
– IT&C, computer science translations (software localization, software / hardware user manuals, tender documentation);
– political translations (statements, positions, correspondence, reports, situations, evaluations, etc.)

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