Do you need subtitling for video material? Our team of experts offers translation and subtitling services!

Subtitling and adaptation

The subtitling of any video material starts with the source material:

In case of extraction, the people who listen to the source must be very knowledgeable in the source language, know the expressions, regional expressions, and jargon used at the moment and place where the action takes place.

The dialog and discourse text are translated into the target language while preserving the time specificities, the regional expressions, and the jargon as much as possible. Then, this text is processed, compressing the sequential sense in order to reach a number of frames that are adequate for viewing and understanding.

After the client’s approval of the translated and adapted text, the technicians place the text onto the image, synchronizing the text’s appearance with the verbal cues in the video material.

Languages in which we perform subtitling services


Our team of experts offers translation and subtitling services!

For a firm offer please send us the video file to the email address

We handle the whole process: text extraction, translation, film subtitling.

We need the video file to evaluate the sound quality, the domain, the language in which the speech is, the length of the movie; all of which influence the processing time.

We handle the whole process: extracting the text, translating, uploading subtitles on YouTube.

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