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Client – natural / legal person requesting a price estimate. 

The fees for document translation services are expressed in lei / page. 

Counting is done to the number of characters with spaces or words, not to the physical number of pages. 

The minimum charging unit is one standard page. 

Offer – The document that Babylon Consult sends to the client in order to inform him about the price of the requested service. 

Invoice – the accounting document that the customer receives after accepting the proposed offer and based on which he makes the payment. 

Source language – the language from which you want to translate a document. 

Target language – the language in which you want to translate a document. 

Services – services of written translation, notarization of translations performed by Babylon Consult, subtitling of audio files, conference or notarial interpretation. 

Price request – the offer request sent by the client. 

Transaction – the collection or reimbursement of an amount resulting from the sale of a service by Babylon Consult to the customer, by using the services of the card processor approved by Babylon Consult, regardless of the method of delivery, or by bank transfer.

Terms and conditions

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  8. The Babylon Consult Group may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this post. Youare boundby any such revisions, and you must therefore visit this page periodically to review the current Terms and Conditions to which you are bound. 

Delivery policy

Working hours: 9 AM – 6 PM 

Monday – Friday, except public holidays (the hours included in this timeframe will be hereinafter referred to as “working hours”) 

Orders will be received and honoured only during working hours. In exceptional cases, duly motivated by the Beneficiary, the program may be extended, but the Provider does not guarantee this. 

Orders will be sent by email (traduceri@babylonconsult.ro and office@babylonconsult.ro) or by mail / courier (3 Intrarea Unditei, District 1, Bucharest) together with the Name of the Direct Beneficiary, Department, Target Language / Languages, Delivery time proposed, Place of Delivery (email, location, etc.). 

Each order will be confirmed by telephone by the person issuing the order at the telephone numbers  +4 021 232-8515 or +4 0722.22.30.10.

Terms and Conditions for Translation Services

The documents will be sent in hardcopy, as attachments to the email (.doc, .xls, .pps, .pdf) – together with the available reference materials. 

The delivery time will be agreed upon at the time of confirmation, and may be modified according to the subsequent priorities of the beneficiary. 

Minimum execution time: the execution time for a page of 1800 characters with spaces in the case of a technical, specialized work is approximately 4 hours and, respectively, 2 hours for a page of non-specialized text. 

The minimum execution time specified in the above article does not apply for materials requiring DTP services: 

In the case of a document that is divided into several translators in order to comply with a very strict deadline, time will also be allocated for the verification of the entire material in order to ensure the terminological consistency of the text in question. In the event that no time can be allocated for checking the entire material, then the person who submitted the order will take responsibility for the language discrepancies, as well as the related consequences. 

For example, a document of 18,000 characters will have to be sent at least 1 business day before the deadline by which the translation is to be received. Thus, if the respective document is to be received at 10:00 in the morning, it will have to be received at the company at the latest at 10:00 of the previous day. 

Legalized translations require at least 1 more working day for legalization and delivery of the document to the location stipulated in the order. 

The term of surrender for documents with Apostille or supralegalization depends on the schedule of the competent authorities. 


Requests for written translations will be sent, together with the document to be translated (scanned or in electronic version) to the email address traduceri@babylonconsult.ro and office@babylonconsult.ro stating: 

– Direct Beneficiary (translation applicant) 

– The department 

– Delivery location (e-mail address, location address) 

– Target language (s) 

– the proposed term of delivery 

– Authorization, Legalization, Apostille 

– Bilingual format 

– Partial translation (excerpts highlighted by the client) 

– Linguistic Verification 

– Special formats 

– Proposed reference materials 

– Other details on a case by case basis. 


Sale of Services and Assurance Related to These 


The client may request clarifications regarding the non-conformity of the services provided within the period established by law no. 449/2003 of 12/11/2003, updated on 27/12/2008. After this period, any complaint will no longer be considered. 

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute, controversy or claim that may result from or in connection with the conclusion, interpretation, enforcement of business relations between the parties will be settled amicably. In the event that the parties do not reach an amicable solution, the dispute, controversy or claim will be settled by the competent courts. 

Force majeure

‘Force majeure’ means any situation beyond the control of the parties and the causes of such situations, events which cannot be foreseen and which result in the impossibility of any party to continue its obligations. 

In the event of the occurrence of an event constituting force majeure neither party shall be held responsible or liable for non-fulfilment of the total, or partial or improper fulfilment of its obligations, provided that written notification is given to the other party at the earliest possible time, but no longer than the 1st day of the event constituting force majeure, the respective party has been trying to address the consequences of such a situation.

Down payment. Cancellation or return policy for products and services. 

By accepting our offer of services and signing the order form, you accept and agree to our cancellation policies and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to you. According to the provisions of the Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2014, on consumer rights within contracts concluded with professionals, the customer who purchased online services marketed on specialized sites has the right to terminate the distance contract within 14 days. 

Distance Contract according to the law, represents any contract concluded between Babylon Consult SRL and the client without the simultaneous physical presence of the two parties, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication, up to and including the time when the contract is concluded, and which is subject to information requirements of the customer by Babylon Consult SRL, before the effects of the concluded Contract. 

The right of withdrawal does not apply to legal persons. 

The term of 14 days provided for the exercise of this right begins to run from the date of payment for the service. 


Obligations of the service provider in case of waiver: 

The provider shall reimburse half of the amount received as payment from the consumer without undue delay and in any case, no later than 14 days from the date on which he is informed of the decision to withdraw the consumer from the contract in accordance with the provisions of the law. This obligation shall not apply if the consumer does not notify the intention to withdraw in writing. The provider must be notified of these intentions 5 working days before the deadline set for the provision of services. 

The email address of the provider is info@babylonconsult.ro. 

The provider reimburses the amounts mentioned by payment order in the IBAN account provided by the consumer or the card account from which the payment was made, without the provider having to pay the fees necessary for the reimbursement. 


Any notice is valid if it will be sent to the address / premises indicated in the Order / Order Confirmation. 

If the notification is made by post, it will be sent, by registered letter, with confirmation of receipt and is considered received by the recipient on the date mentioned by The Courier/Post Office receiving on this confirmation. 

If the notification is sent by mail, it shall be deemed to have been received on the first working day after the day on which it was sent. 

Oral notifications shall not be taken into account unless confirmed by one of the methods laid down in the preceding paragraphs.