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Simultaneous translation equipment and sound systems

Do you need quality simultaneous translation equipment? Our team makes the appropriate technical equipment available to you, to complement the translation and interpretation services.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is the oral translation of a discourse heard over an earpiece by the interpreter, with a delay from the original discourse of a few seconds to a few minutes. This type of translation is used most often in multilingual gatherings, where time is limited, and a rendering as close to the original discourse as possible is needed.

Equipment necessary for simultaneous translation

Equipment necessary for simultaneous translation

When using this method, the interpreters are placed in a soundproof booth (semi-open or closed) from which, through simultaneous translation consoles, they listen to the discourse received over the sound system and interpret it into the target language. A simultaneous translation booth and two interpreters are used for each target language.

There are several types of translation booths:
  • arrow_forward Table top / Semi-booth – not recommended due to the excessive noise distracting the interpreters and to the mess caused in the room Another disadvantage is that the participants who do not listen to the translation on the headphones will hear the original discourse, as well as the voice of the interpreter who translates, thus causing confusion and discontent;
  • arrow_forward Full booth – soundproof booth, with a door and a cooler – isolates the interpreters from the sounds produced in the room, while the participants of the event hear the original discourse, directly from the sound system, or hear the translation through the headphones attached to the receivers.
From the simultaneous translation booth, the signal is picked up through the microphone at the simultaneous translation console and transmitted through a wire or through airwaves to the individual headphones worn by the participants and to the audio recording equipment, if applicable.
The booth must be placed so that the interpreters have direct visual access to the speakers and the visual elements.

The transmission of the oral translation is done through transmission stationse:
  • arrow_forward Radio frequency (RF) in VHF, UHF, FM – sensitive to interference and potentially intercepted by unauthorized people outside the room;
  • arrow_forward Infrared (IR) analogue – light signal from the invisible spectrum, analogue modulation, appropriate in rooms of any size (depending on the strength of the transmitters used) but sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light;
  • arrow_forward Infrared (IR) digital – light signal from the invisible spectrum, digital modulation, appropriate in rooms of any size (depending on the strength of the transmitters) and less sensitive to sunlight and fluorescent light, due to digital transmission.
The reception of the simultaneous translation is done through the individual, wired, RF and IR receivers, fitted with individual headphones. The receivers are chosen depending on the type of transmission and the number of target languages transmitted in the room!

Additional information – choosing the right equipment for simultaneous translations

When organizing the conference, you should consider the number of participants who may need the translation of the discourse in the target language, but also in the language of the organizing country.For example, in Romania – the foreign speakers/participants need simultaneous translation from Romanian to their native language, and the Romanian speakers/participants need simultaneous translation into Romanian.

From experience, we suggest reserving an appropriate number of receivers with headphones, in order to be prepared for the case where a large number of people who believe themselves knowledgeable in foreign languages have difficulties understanding the lecture for reasons pertaining to the speaker, the elocution, the speed, or the dialect. At the end of the conference day, the receivers are returned so that the batteries can be charged or replaced.

The rates associated to the simultaneous translation equipment are added to the cost of the sound system and differ depending on the size of the room, the type of equipment used, and the number of booths and receivers.


Sound systems for events

Through the experience accumulated all these years, the Babylon Consult team helps you choose the most appropriate sound system from a quality/price perspective, for your event.

Depending on the space where the event takes place, we will select and propose:
  • arrow_forward The number and type of speakers – all participants must hear the discourses and presentations clearly;
  • arrow_forward The number and type of microphones – be they fixed, simple, wire microphones, gooseneck microphones, classic mobile microphones, or lavalier and headset systems;
  • arrow_forward The type of mixer – the entire equipment is connected through a sound mixer that receives an audio signal from all the sound sources (microphones, laptop/PC, and sound rendering equipment) to the equipment which renders and records the sound (speakers, gooseneck microphones, sound recorders, simultaneous translation systems, sound transmission systems, etc.);
  • arrow_forward The type of video projector – any presentation needs its visual side. Depending on the room and the lighting, we propose the type of projector and projection screen.
The rates associated with the sound systems differ depending on the abovementioned parameters.

The Babylon Consult experts will provide you with technical assistance throughout the event.


  • expand_moreWhat is the size of the interpretation booth?
    A simultaneous interpretation booth has 1.20 meters x 1.20 meters with a 50 cm opening for the access door.
  • expand_moreDo you have interpreting equipment?
    Babylon Consult covers the full range of requirements for language interpretation to international standards, equipment for simultaneous interpretation, sound equipment, audio/video production, video editing, live streaming services. The Babylon Consult technicians will make a correct dimensioning of the event and will provide you, in addition to the translation and interpreting services, technical equipment adapted to your needs.
  • expand_moreDo you also deal with sound system or just interpreting equipment?
    Babylon Consult has the full range of sound equipment. Electronic audio equipment consisting of microphones, amplifiers, speakers, sound mixers or other related equipment. The purpose of these systems is to amplify the human voice or other sources of sound, live or recorded. They are usually used in conference rooms, training rooms or other spaces where concerts or presentations are held, the purpose being to amplify the sound to cover a wider area.
  • expand_moreHow much does it cost?
    For a firm offer, we need to know the number of conference participants, the number of people who need interpretation, the number of languages in which the interpretation is made. The surface of the space where the event takes place and the number of people participating influence the acoustics of the room. The human body has the ability to absorb vibrations, acoustic energy and infrared waves used by the receivers used for simultaneous translation. Our technicians have the solution for your event, call 0722 223010 now, we will take it from there.
  • expand_moreWhat other services do you offer for conferences?
    Babylon Consult offers video communication, live streaming, video promotion, audio / video editing.

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